Rig-e Jenn desert

Address: Garmsar Southwest and West desert- Semnan -Iran

The “Rig Jin” desert is one of the most severe areas in the world, a desert region full of sand dunes and salt marshes. There are currently no signs of life in this area. This desert is located in the southwest and west of Desert plain, south Semnan, southeast of Garmsar, east of the desert protected area, north of Anarak and west of Jandagh. There are no springs or blue wells here. In most of the maps there is no name for this area. In the past, only two European deserters have mentioned the existence of such a desert in Iran in their travel logs.

Local people believe the land is damned. In the past, caravans and passengers never crossed this desert. Local people say that anyone entering this land has not survived and disappeared. The Rig-e jeen is also called the Bermuda triangle of Iran.