Du hezar jangle (Two thousand jangle)

Address: Tonekabon- Mazandaran- Iran

This area is incredibly beautiful, with exquisite mountain views, lawns and high rise forests. The income of most people is provided by two thousand villages of agricultural, horticultural and animal husbandry activities. Wheat, walnuts, apples, hazelnuts are crops and orchards in this area. Borage is common in the fields of its villages. Livestock is one of the main activities of the villagers.

Men and women in this region, along with crop and livestock activities, produce handicrafts such as Chhukha (Thick and rough woolen clothes), night tent, jajim (woven woolen cloth), tablecloth, wool hat, Colegger(Carrier by shoulder), hat and hat socks. The people of this village speak Mazandaran language with Gilani accent.

Two thousand tourist attractions:

The lush and beautiful valley of two thousand in the northern side of the Alborz Highlands and in the south of Tonekabon, due to its natural and climatic conditions, is a unique natural and natural complex that has placed combines peaks, grasslands, forests, pastures and glaciers. The two thousand’s river, which originates from the highlands of Alamut Qazvin and Takht-e-Soleyman, crosses the edge of the village and has very beautiful edges. These beautiful edges in the summer are a good place to spend leisure time on tourists. The heights are beautiful scenery of this area, where the Sylan and geard koh peaks are one of the most important of its attractions. This peak is the tallest one in the city of Tonekabon, which takes 5 hours of walking to reach the Sylan Summit, which is an indescribable glory. Daryasar plain is on the way to the summit. This beautiful plain with a very pleasant climate with various flowers and plants and a large view of beautiful mountains and waterfalls is one of the unique attractions of iran.