Hirkani forests

(Caspian mixed forests) The mixed forest of the southern margin of the Caspian Sea covers an area of 55,000 square kilometers, located on the southern and southeastern parts of the Caspian Sea and in the two countries of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. This forest originates from the Hirkan region of the Azerbaijan Republic and extends to the Golestan province of Iran, and in Iran it is protected by the Environmental Organization and the Cultural Heritage Organization. The forests of 40 million years old are considered one of the most valuable forests in the world and are considered as natural museums. The Greek word Hircan is the name of Gorgan.

Global registration of Hirkani forests

On July 12, 2006, the Republic of Azerbaijan submitted a request for the registration of World Caspian-Hirkani forests to UNESCO. Subsequently, Iranian cultural authorities presented to Azerbaijan a proposal for the joint registration of this natural work. So far, this has not been possible due to differences between the two sides. One of the disagreements is that despite the UNESCO rules for the registration of the names of countries with common historical and natural effects in alphabetical order in their written documents, Iran opposes the registration of Azerbaijan before the name of Iran in the document, with the argument that the share Few Azerbaijan from this forest can not be comparable to that, which can only be determined by the alphabetical order of the text of the document.