Palang dareh’s waterfall and Jungle

Address: Sheirgah, Firooz Kooh – Qa’im Shahr- Mazandaran–Iran

The Palang Dare’s waterfall, located in sheirgah and it is one of the most beautiful and attractive natural nature trails in Mazandaran province. It is far from shirgah (the natural resources guarding station) about 13 KM and it is dirt Road and takes about an hour drive to this beautiful place. It should be noted that the forests are very beautiful and dreamy.

The Palang Dareh Falls, located in the northeastern part of Sheirgah city, it is one of the most beautiful places in this city . There will be a clear and beautiful river with a waterfall , The height of waterfall is 8 meter and falling to rocky pound.

Other beauties of the palang dareh is that There are many beautiful springs and low depth river, with the exception of virgin forests. You can be sure that you are safe because there is no wild animal and you can even ride a bike in the non slope dirt road all the way and it is not more than 13 KM.

In any weather conditions is possible to go along this path, with any age (Kids and the elderly)

you must pass the width of the river (15 meters) it is depth half a meter so it’s suggested to have slippers and right gear .For prevention of any harm case should take first aid box with flashlight and proper shoes.