Hamoon lake – Sistan

Hamoon Lake is the third largest lake in Iran after the Caspian Sea and Urmia Lake.

Hamoon Lake, with an area of about 1800 square kilometers, is the largest lake in the east of Iran, consisting of three main basins of Youzak, Saberi and Hirmand.

These pools are separated in rainy seasons and 120 days, and in the rainy season they form a single lake.

The lakes consist of three parts:

  • Permanent lakes, which have the highest level with a maximum depth of 11 meters
  • Seasonal lakes, which are relatively narrow strips around permanent lakes
  • Slabs muddy and marshes, which are further developed in the eastern and southeast lakes

In the plain of sistan, there are a series of natural ditches and holes that are converted into lakes and marshes in different months and divided into three parts: Saburi, Pozak and Hamoon.

The total area of the Hamoons is 5660 square kilometers which is 3820 square kilometers belong to iran.