Maharlou lake – Pars

Maharlou lake is located about 18 km southeast of Shiraz.

The lake is located in the south-east of Shiraz, and is fed by three dry rivers,Nobehei, Hamzeh and Sarvestan, as well as the waters of nearby mountains.

The dry river begins from the northwestern mountains of Shiraz and passes through the center of Shiraz.

The Hamze River is fed more from mountains in the southwest of Shiraz and joins the lake on the west side, and the Sarvestan River is formed from the Black and Ahmadi Mountains and other eastern lakes.

This is a desert lake and has no access to the open sea. The lake is 15-10 km long, its length is 28 km and its area is 257 km2, of which 54% is the current lake, 22% is covered with salt and 24% is covered with flowers.

The deepest point in the spring is less than one meter and its height is 1460 meters above sea level.