Parishan  Lake (Famor) – Pars

 Parishan lake or Famor, located 15 kilometers south-east of the city of Kazeroon

Parishan Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran. The lake is also known as Moore, Parishan, shoor, Kazeroon, Yoon, Mooz, Tozez, Parishm, Fazshoie and Famor.

The name of this lake is taken from Mount Famor, northeast of it. Lake water is sweet, and most of it is from the canals that originate from Mount Famor and partly from underground sources.

Around the lake is surrounded by mountains and its distance from the north is about 4-5 km, and from the south is about 500 meters.

The distance from the sea to the mountain (on the north side) is the Maleki village (Qalat Nilu Deh pakhah, Hellak, Parishan), Arab famor Village, Sisakht Village, and in the East part of the Orange Castle, and in the south of the Narges Zar castle and in the west of the village of Paul Abugineh. . The distance from Kazeroun to the lake is about 12 km.

The Parishan Lake, with an area of about 43 km2, is formed in a shallow downhill, about 820 m above sea level. From structural and geological point of view, the Lake Famor is located in the folded Zagros zone.