Urmia Lake

Urmia lake is the largest water level in the country, located between the two provinces of West Azerbaijan and East. The average length is approximately 140 kilometers and its width varies from 16 to 63 kilometers. The size of the lake in terms of satellite images in 1990 was 5263 square kilometers, but the average lake area is estimated to be about 5500 square kilometers. The average depth of the lake is 4.5 meters and the maximum depth is 13 meters in the north of the lake and its approximate volume is 31 billion cubic meters.

Urmia lake is composed of two water and drought environments:

  1. Aqueous environment
  2. Dry environment


The Importance and Value of the National Park

– Protective value for having a variety of wildlife species

– Protective value due to the presence of various species of vegetation on the islands

– Establishing a natural balance in the Azerbaijani region

– Value of tourist, recreational and social

– Keep the titles: National Park, Biotechnology Endowment and International Pond

– Medical value (Mud Therapy)

-Biosphere reserve

– International wetland (registered in the Ramsar Convention)

Isles of National Park of Urmia Lake

The National Park of Urmia Lake consists of 102 large and small islands, the most important of which are:

Kabudan island with 3125 hectares of area

Ashk island with 1250 hectares of area

Spire island with 1250 hectares of area

Arezzo  island with 800 hectares of area

Nine islands (bird laying area)