Zarivar lake (Zardwar) – Kurdistan

Zarivar freshwater lake is located 3 km west of Marivan city in Kurdistan province and is one of the most visited places in this region.

Zarivar Lake is located 8 km west of Marivan, and from mountain freshwater lakes located at an altitude of 818 meters above sea level, about 200 meters below the city of Marivan.

The water of the lagoon is sweet and comes from a number of springs. The lake is completely frozen In winters.

The length of the Zarivar Lake is about 5 km and its width is about 1.6 km. The area of the wetland varies due to variations in the volume of water in different seasons and a maximum depth of 5.5 meters.

The lake, with an area of about 8.8 km2, is formed in a relatively narrow subsurface in the Sanandaj zone, with its eastern and western sides limited to the northwest-south-easterly fault. The area of the catchment area of this lake is about 500 km2 and its maximum depth is about 50 meters. Cham Zarivar River along with other waterways and especially the lakes are the main suppliers of this    lake water. The Marivan River originates from this lake.

Zarivar Wetland is one of the most unique lakes in the world, and it has all the conditions for an international wetland.


  • Black wild fish
  • Black Common Fish
  • Bride of fish
  • Gambussia fish
  • Amor White Fish
  • Carp ritual
  • Common carp
  • Dill carp
  • Phytofag


    There are more than 31 species of native and migratory birds around the lake, of which approximately 14 species are natives and the rest of the migratory birds:

    • Duck and lush
    • Garts
    • Big and small bootmers
    • Different types
    • Marine swallows
    • Draw
    • Big and small cockroaches
    • Gray Heron
    • Khutka
    • Guillard
    • Birds of the hail, such as wetlands and mountains


      • Castor
      • Fox
      • wild pig
      • Rabbit
      • Hog
      • Wild cat