The name of the mountain with a height of 4850 meters is located in the Takht-e-Soleyman area in Mazandaran province. Mount Alam Mountain is the second highest peak of Iran after Damavand. Most of this peak is due to the walls on the northern slopes and the most technical and hardest climbing and wall-climbing routes in Iran. Due to the relationship of mountain science to the surrounding mountains and the presence of walls and pollen, there are many ways to achieve it.

geographical location

Alamkouh is located 20 km southwest of Kelardasht and Mazandaran province. Kelardasht is the closest city of Mazandaran province to this region, and Prachan and Taleghan are the closest cities in Alborz Province to Alam kuh.

On the northern front of this summit, there are 650 meter long walls, one of the most beautiful and most difficult walls in the world. Alam kuh has 47 peaks above 4000 meters.

The north-northeast of Mount Alam kuh is composed of a wall of approximately 550 meters of granite. If a height of 800 meters is not mentioned for this wall, it’s not a mistake because the glacier of the hole was approximately as high as an average of 4050 meters at the foot of this wall with a relatively steep slope and an approximate height of 800 meters, which is sometimes mentioned in the references counted This section is.

The genus of this wall is of porous granite type and is luminous. From the long time ago, the mountain peaks and walls have been of interest to climbers. Not only have Iranian climbers, but also German, French, English, Italian, and even climbers have climbed numerous on the paths of this wall.