In February 2010, the construction works of Ghaem International Hospital was started, and was inaugurated in April 2013. This hospital is 12,000 m in surface area and with a built-up area of over 20,000 m in  six  floors  is located in the city of Rasht in Gilan Province in the north of Iran. Founders of this huge therapeutic project, with the purpose of improving the quality of healthcare services provided to national and international patients, have done their  best so that by observing the world’s top standards in constructing  the said complex and equipping it with state-of-the-art technologies and competent specialized human resources, they could introduce it as a top healthcare providing facility in the north of the country.

The establishment of the International Patients’ Department (IPD) has been an internationally successful and acknowledged move for a thorough handling of the patients’ medical procedures. Furthermore, the health tourism office of the ministry of health has obliged all the centers, capable to offer Global Health Care services, to establish the International Patients’ Department. Coordinating almost all the services from the IPD physician for a primary examination of the patient, to the in-patients’ reception; the discharge unit for an estimation of the clients costs and the security unit for guiding the clients; to coordinating the services with the facilitating company and the follow- up procedures will be the IPD coordinators’ duty. The IPD physician will also be responsible for the follow-up of all the clinical services offered to the international patients.

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