Apadana Hospital start it’s work in 1967 , and over the past 50 years has been one of the centers providing specialized medical, surgical and other medical services. Apadana Hospital, which currentlyincludes internal- surgical departments for  men  and  women, ICU-CCU’s special departments,maternity wards and neonatal departments are ready to provide services.

According to the ongoing laws in Islamic Republic of Iran health-care centers, the presentation of services is equal to all applicants/patients and nationality, race, religion or skin tone cannot affect the caring or treatment procedures under any circumstances. Hence, the following rights apply for all Iranian and Non-Iranian patients

  1. Receiving proper service is the patient’s right.
  1. Information should be disclosed acceptably and adequately to the patient.
  2. The patient should be respected for right to decide freely and independently.
  3. The health-care services should be delivered with respects to the patients’ right of privacy and confidentiality.

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