Food is the common language of the people around the world; so in many cases people would be recognized by their food diversity. Iranian national cuisine is very diverse and nutritious. Iranian cuisine comprises the cooking traditions of Iran. In Iran, there are extremely available dishes because of the climate conditions and ethnic diversity. In fact, food is one of the cultural symbols of a community, also it is considered as the traditional food in some smaller parts. There is a great variety of dishes, a lot of flavors and tastes in all of Iran’s provinces, and sometimes some dishes can be experienced due to vegetation diversity and also by traveling to that city. Studies show that the best memories of 86% of the tourists in the world are related to food. This suggests that food in a region has a tremendous impact on the prosperity of tourism. Iran with over 81 million inhabitants, comprising a land of area of 1,648,195 km2, climate, culture and ethnic diversity and also different food diversity, has a great food diversity and roughly 2,500 types of food have been identified in Iran, and Iran’s food school is alongside with the Western and Chinese schools, and is regarded as one of the most important food schools in the world.