Comprehensive tour guide health

As your tourism health destination, choose us!

We can arrange for you to stay. You have to do some simple things:

  1. You can email us your medical records and requirements. Our Health Tour coordinator will contact you to inform you of all the details of your trip and advise you on your visit. We will also arrange your presence at the airport and residence.
  2. Bring with you:

Copy / Principle of all medical reports and drug details / MRI / CT / ECHO / Any referral notes from your physician.

  1. On arrival, you will be welcomed by our representative at the airport and will be referred to a hotel or hospital at the reception desk.
  2. At the hospital, you will undergo your primary medical records under our advise.
  3. If you have prolonged treatment, you will be provided with accommodation and health services for you and your companions.
  4. To ensure that our patients receive the best services, the most advanced technologies used to diagnose illness and treatments are maintained by maintaining international standards in health tourism.
  5. Payment methods:

Payments must be made at the time of request for medical and tour services. Payment through foreign currency. If the duration and amount are increased due to the type of disease, a separate difference is obtained from the patient, a receipt will be issued for all payments, and will be presented the invoice at the time of dismiss.

In our health tourism in Iran, we believe that the world is our vast family, and we will have a happy and healthy planet by providing a means of caring for patients.

Every year, patients travel to the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, hoping to receive better services and receive health care while facing millions of dollars. Health tourism in Iran is proud to offer similar healthcare services in other countries at the lowest cost, shorter waiting times, hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology in the world and best doctors.