The need for global health care has flared up in recent years. At least 1.3 billion people around the world lack access to the most basic health care. Health tourism in Iran is a developing concept that has arisen for the medical and health needs of the region. To treat the most common diseases, heart surgery, connective tissue, women and childbirth, children and dental care for the people of the world, especially in the Middle East. Iran is a desirable destination in the region because its infrastructure and technologies are unique in the Middle East.

Iran is the first and best choice in the Middle East and the world (Why and how?)

Provide the latest and the latest treatment plan for patients

Treated by the best and most expert doctors

Having the highest quality medical equipment and facilities

Perform the best and most advanced surgeries in the world

Lack of patient confusion on arrival in Iran and duration of treatment in Iran

Benefit from recreational, natural, historical and pilgrimage attractions during a medical stay

Having the best morals and hospitality of the Persians, who are the prophet of peace and the world of peace.

 Use of health tours that are organized as water therapy, massage therapy, mud therapy and travel to health towns.